Repairs comprise the lion's share of the work we do at Short Circuit Computer Service. We repair the complete range of computers and peripherals.
Ink jet
Fax machines
Power supplies
Plus the myriad of other things people hang off their computers.

So, when your Windows goes wonky, your hard drive hangs, your display disintegrates, your speakers smoke or your laser is just plain lazy, call the experts at Short Circuit Computer Service.

Strange buzzing noises coming from your Computer?

An early warning sign of computer problems.

Backup your data immediately and give us a call.

Computer is no longer switching on?

We can often replace the problem part and recover your data.

Computer no longer boots or recognises a hard drive?

We can perform a Diagnosis on the drive to determine it's condition and the possibilities of data recovery and disk restoration.


Reasons for Hard Drive Data Corruption:

Formatting & accidental deletion
Power Failure, Spikes & Surges
General surface wear of Hard disk
Pollution of the air inside the sealed drive unit
Computer Virus overwriting areas of raw disk with garbage


Logical and Physical failures will display any of these symptoms:

"The Blue Screen of Death" screen display
Ticking, grinding or clicking sounds
Buzzing noises and or whining sounds
Lockups, hangs & slow performance
Rebooting error messages "Hard Disk Failure" message
Hard disk drive does not spin.