Electric Fence and Animal Weighing Scales Repairers

Xpertech Services in Midvale WA is a bright spark in a dull time for farmers.

Electric fence repairs, animal weighing scale repairs and computer repairs are the daily challenge at Xpertech. Times are tough in the farming communities so repairing electronic equipment is the way to go when possible.

Xpertech can bring your old electronics back to life. Whether it be your
Ruddweigh cattle scales, your Speedrite electric fencing energizer, your Might Mule Gate Opener, your Toshiba laptop, your Allflex NLIS tag reader, 2 way radios, battery chargers, stock prods, solar panels etc etc or even your internet modem or printer.

In these tough times it makes sense to repair rather than replace expensive farming technology. Xpertech Services are manufacturer agents for
Tru Test, Gallagher, Thunderbird, Pel, Speedrite, Allflex, Waratah, Daken, Felco, Ruddweigh, Nemtek and Sunbeam and can handle most other brands as well.

We specialise in animal weighing scales repairs. We’re never happier than when tackling a set of loadbars, be they Ruddweigh, Gallagher, Tru Test, Thunderbird or any other make. And when these are combined with NLIS (EID or RFID) tag readers (wands or panels) and weighing indicators then all the better. We will also work on electric fence repairs, servicing Felco pruners such as the electronic Felco 800, 810 and older 82 units. Systems come to us from all over WA and from as far as NT and SA. Our location, just out of Perth in Midland (Midvale actually) is ideally located to service country clients travelling to Perth. It doesn't matter if you're weighing cattle, sheep, pigs, horses or even hay, we can sort you.

Andrew will also repair weighing scales but specialises in electric fence repairs (energisers). All makes and models are repaired. We are authorised service agents for Gallagher, Ruddweigh, Speedrite, Thunderbird, Pel, Sunbeam, Daken, Waratah, Tru Test, Spitfire and Felco. Of course we don't discriminate and will service or repair anybody's electric fence unit (energiser). There is no other centre in Midland, Perth or WA that will service or repair all your electric fence energiser and stock weighing systems. We try to carry spares on our shelves to cover the repair of all the most common units from Gallagher, Speedrite, Thunderbird, Ruddweigh, Tru Test and Felco. Since we will repair electric fence energisers right down to the electronic components level rather than just swapping out the entire circuit board, we can repair just about anything....and at a better price too!

So when your technology needs a tech, come and see us. We are your qualified, friendly and efficient "mates in the know" who can deal with your electronic failures and get you back to work sooner and cheaper.

If your weighing system works more like a poker machine giving you random weights, now is the time to ring us at Xpertech. Or, if your ticker has died in your electric fence, phone Andrew and he'll resuscitate your energizer.

Xperetch Services are located a stone's throw from the intersection of Great Eastern and Roe Highways on Farrall Rd at the corner of Runyon Rd.
Phone 9250 2931 .

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