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Pet Fence Kits
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We will help you design your fence and customise your kit to suit.

Designed to provide you with all the parts required to setup your own small scale electric fence.

Train your dog to stay in the yard or out of the rose bed.

Keep cats away from your pond.

Stop the goats from eating your veggies, the pet sheep from grazing the flowers or the dog from digging where he shouldn’t.

An electric fence is simple to setup and has many uses in the garden or around the home and is not just limited to pet control.

We supply electric fence kits for mains or battery operation.

Modern day electric fence energizers only use very small amounts of power. Ideal for temporary fencing to control your puppy’s bad habits.

Teach your old dog new tricks, with an electric fence it can be done.

Control or train your dog to stay home.

We’ve tried those dog collars and always been disappointed, but the dog electric fence is out there for all to see and in no time your dog will understand how it works. Designed to deter and not harm your dog or pets.

Don’t just think dogs, these work equally well for horses, annoying neighbour’s cats, foxes out of the chook pen or keep any unwelcome guests out of your property.

Our kit contains all you will need.

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