Electric Fence and Animal Weighing Scales Repairers

Xpertech specialises in repairs to agricultural electronics.

1 Runyon Road Midvale WA

Phone : 9250 2931

Most of our work includes repairs, service and sales of livestock weighing scales (weighbars and indicators) including cattle scales, sheep scales, horse scales and pig scales.

NLIS tag readers (wands and panels)

We are the state authorized service centre for all the big brands including Tru Test, Gallagher, Ruddweigh and Thunderbird.

And of course we're not limited to just these brands, we repair TPW, Donald and various other wool weighing scale systems.

Phone : 9250 2931

Tru Test

Weighing Scales (Indicators), Load Bars, Crates and Drafters

Tru-Test XR 3000 Tru-Test ID 3000 Tru-Test DR 3000
Tru-Test Eziweigh 2 Tru-Test Eziweigh 5 Tru-Test Eziweigh 6
Tru-Test MP 600 Loadbar Tru-Test HD 1010 Loadbar Tru-Test XHD 10000 Loadbar
Tru-Test Fastway Crate Tru-Test Prattley Drafter Tru-Test EID Products

Ruddweigh, Gallagher

Weighing Scales (Indicators), Load Bars, Crates and Drafters

Ruddweigh 800 Ruddweigh 500 Ruddweigh 300
Ruddweigh 200 Ruddweigh 2000 kilogram Load bars Ruddweigh 3500 kilogram Load bars
Ruddweigh Split Platform Ruddweigh Draft Crate Ruddweigh Auto Drafter
Smart Reader Hand Held EID Readers Smart Reader Panel Readers Gallagher W810 Weigh Scale
Gallagher W610 Weigh Scale Gallagher W310 Weigh Scale Gallagher W210 Weigh Scale
Gallagher Loadbars Gallagher Heavy Duty Loadbars Gallagher Super Heavy Duty Loadbars

Sheep Crates

Horse Crates

Cattle Crates

Pig Crates

Street Address
1 Runyon Rd.
W.A. 6056

Great Eastern Highway end of Farrall Road

Turn into Runyon Road, first on left.

Park out front for small jobs or drive around and ring bell on roller door for heavy stuff.

Postal Address
P.O. Box 294
W.A. 6936

+61 08 92501234

+61 08 92502252

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